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Illume  Lash Vendors is dedicated to Luxury silk eyelashes,3D Silk Lashes, Faux mink lashes,synthetic lashes,synthetic mink lashes,synthetic eyelashes for the modern, independent woman who is always on the move. Illume wholesale silk lashes products sell well in the United States, Europe, Australia, South Korea, Japan and other countries and regions.

Illume is leading vendor mink fur lashes, silk lashes, horse fur lashes and human hair lashes 15 years. We currently have more than 1,000 styles of strip false eyelashes 3D Silk Lashes and we continuously enlarge our catalogue by request and requirement of our old clients.

So we have a wide range of styles that are custom-designed to suit different eye types 3D Silk Lashes and meet our clients meticulous needs.We want all of our customers to feel more beautiful and confident, so we have created a lash that is perfect for every lifestyle and eye shape.

Illume professional grade cosmetics are targeted towards At-Home Beauty for a faster, more convenient approach to transforming your eyes using luxury faux mink lashes. Crafted with precision using only luxurious ingredients and fine packaging, Illume quickly rose to fame with its Best-Selling silk eyelashes.

Illume Lashes Leading World Top Class 3D Silk Lashes.

Now, with a full range style of silk lashes, Silk lashes manufacturing by Illume Lashes help so many personal buyers to come true their lashes dream, and support some well-known lashes brand design and manufacture 100 0000 pairs super luxury silk eyelashes.

At Illume, you can expect superior customer service. Our goal is to be the leaders in the mink eyelash market, and to provide the highest quality mink lashes, at affordable prices to women all around the world.

Our Mission

Illume silk lashes is dedicated to:

1.We only manufacture best silk strip lashes products to our clients. The highest quality of mink lashes, silk lashes , horse lashes and human hair lashes with competitive price.

2.Supporting our clients with integrity and trust. We like win-win cooperation, our design silk eyelashes will take more stale clients and help clients built one-top level lashes brand. We know that ONLY manufacture the best quality false eyelashes. Then, the Best clients will come.


Super Luxury silk lashes that last.

Quite possibly the finest, softest and lightest Lashes you’ll ever wear.All of our high quality lashes are lightweight, making them easy and comfortable to wear.

Our new Silk silk lashes provide a fuller, more fluffy appearance. Made from 100% pure silk, these lashes are super-soft, lightweight, and our lashes are long lasting and reusable. Illume Lashes can be worn up to 25 times.

Silk Lashes are individually designed and handmade with the highest standard of craftsmanship. Each pair are inspected, packaged and sealed with a kiss.

Because our lashes are sterilized, hypoallergenic, and made with no added chemicals or dyes, they are suitable for contact wearers, or people with sensitive eyes. Our lashes come in a luxurious, compact, and durable packaging that can be used to store your lashes when you are not wearing them.

What We Can Do For You ?

1: What can we do for mink eyelashes wholesale market? Creator and leader of fashion trends

2: What can we do for VIP lashes user? Beautiful and confident, stable quality mink lashes can make our personal user safe, healthy and happy. Quality lashes make your different in daily life, in dating party, in club.

3: What can we do for mink lashes wholesaler?

A steady stream of orders, our quality silk eyelashes gain stable old customers for our VIP lashes clients.

Our quality mink lashes is your to indispensable product for creating an brand. Hope we together make this world safe and beautiful.

WHY CHOOSE Illume Silk Lashes

OEM,ODM Available

Free Samples Available

Private Label Available

Small order is welcomed!

Unbelievable Long Lasting:30 times x

Guarantee The Best Quality In The World & Strict Quality Control

Professional grade mink lashes:the softest,lightest,and most natural looking ,we use the finest naturally shedding mink hairs 100% cruelty free

Cotton Band:the most comfortable,thinner,softer and stronger makes the mink lashes light weight and comfortable.

Same quality eyelashes with competitive price.Customer benefit maximization is our goal.So we committed to offer the quality and best price for increase your business!

We have exclusive styles service.To keep business secret,exclusive styles is very important for your business.

Illume Lashes Make World More Beautiful

Since the beginning of establishment, we have taken the faith of honesty, innovation, active and efficient as our guidance spirit, and the pursuit of excellence is our goal. What’s more, we adhere to the market and customers as our working center, and strive to create sustainable value for our clients from the design, research, development, production and sales.

Under the joint efforts of all our colleagues, we have cooperated with many customers from Europe, Australia, South America, Russia, the Middle East, Japan and Southeast Asia, including some famous brands.

We will continue to focus on customers’ need, and be dedicated to every tiny improvement to lay a solid foundation for our long-term win-win cooperation in future.

Sincerely look forward to working with you to create more beauty in our life!

World Exhibition False Lashes 3D Silk Lashes

Our Team:

Manufacturer Team 3D Silk Lashes: professional craft making silk lashes, super quality 100% pure silk, these lashes are super-soft, lightweight

Designer Team 3D Silk Lashes: CEO designer is OSCAR, in China domestic mink eyelashes designer is no more than two people. He is one of them. You know in world 70% of 3d lashes is made in China, every year OSCAR will push new styles and hot styles to worldwide, who is the creator of hot fashionable mink lashes, is lashes miracle Master OSCAR.

Sales Team:Our sales bring our best quality to women world, in case every women love beauty will experience the super quality silk lashes with affordable price. Every woman will become more confident and more beautiful after wearing our Illume Lashes 3D Silk Lashes

Wholesale 3D Mink Eyelash

Wholesale top quality 3d mink eyelash, Want fuller, fluffy natural 3D mink lashes? Illumelashes are 3d mink eyelashes that give you fullness with hot fashionable. Our own brand 3d mink lashes is natural look, soft with fast delivery. From our factory u can get the perfect private packaging for luxury 3d mink lashes.

  • 100% Hand-made 3d mink eyelash
  • Natural-looking, Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Easy to apply and remove, Reusable
  • 100% Brand new
  • Color: Black
  • Make your eyes look bright and attractive
  • For party and daily use
  • Can be removed by eye makeup remover
  • Simple to use and comfortable to wear
  • Match your causal and party makeup
  • Can be used many times if they are used and removed properly

If you’re like me, having lash extensions connect you with “Flawless” on a personal level. You savour your extra ten minutes of sleep in the morning, rock the no-makeup look with confidence, and know that though lash extensions do not make the man, they do make you feel like a bit of a bombshell. But if you’re like me you’ve never thought twice about what your lash extensions are made of.

Difference between 3d mink eyelashes, silk lashes,fur lashes 3d mink eyelash?

Silk, faux mink, and real fur lash extensions are the most prevalent in the lash industry today, and differ from one another in texture, appearance, and weight. Understanding the variations between lash types and knowing what type of lash extension best suits your needs will not only make you an informed and responsible consumer, it’ll help you and your lash artist design the lash set you need to wake up every day looking and feeling flawless 3d mink eyelash.

3d mink lashes

Surprisingly, most mink lashes aren’t made of mink, but of a synthetic material called PBT (or Polybutylene terephthalate). PBT is a polyester product, used in the production of swim and athletic wear, toothbrushes, and—of course—lash extensions 3d mink eyelash.

Illume lashes PRO (faux) mink lashes are known for their natural, semi-matte appearance that resembles the look of natural lashes, and remarkably lightweight body. Mink lashes are modelled after real mink fur, so they’re the thinnest type of synthetic extension available. As a result, they’re often used in volume sets. Most of the extension body is tapered, so each lash weighs up to 30% less than a silk lash. Sought out for their incredibly natural look, mink lashes are ideal for those looking for extremely natural lash sets 3d mink eyelashes factory, people who have very fine natural lashes, and for traditional volume and mega-volume sets.

Silk lashes 3d mink lashes

Silk lashes, like mink lashes, are made of a PBT material. What separates silk from mink lashes, however, is not their material, but their weight, finish, and overall shape.

Silk lashes have a much shorter taper than mink lashes—meaning the body of the lash stays thicker for longer—as well as a luxurious semi-gloss appearance. Because silk lashes have a thick, full body, they work best in dramatic lash sets, and are the most common lash type used in classic sets (traditional lash sets with one lash extension per eyelash). If you’ve ever had classic lashes, chances are you’ve had silk lashes.


Real mink lash extensions are more of a luxury service, and are not offered by all lash artists. They’ll also cost you much more than a synthetic lash set, and be warned! If you have animal allergies, these lashes may not be for you.

When thinking about what you’d like to get out of your lash set, speak with your artist about which type of lash extension is best for you. Not only will your synthetic and natural lashes impress her, you’ll know exactly what she’s saying when she recommends a blend of silk and flat classic lashes and why.

For more lash extension tips, try Can you apply strip lashes over lash extensions?

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