How to apply 3D SILK EYELASHES

How to apply 3D mink EYELASHES

Using liquid eyeliner and brush, you need to paint a line along your eyelashes, from end to the other end. Make up it narrow at the most far place, and  thicker in the middle — it will make your eye appear more round. The reason for doing this is that 3d mink eyelashes tend to have a band holding them all together, and if you  only see that, you will look like a bad drag queen. The eyeliner effectively disguises that, as well as making you look like a sultry little minx!

《Why can we provide cheap but reasonable wholesale price for mink eyelashes?》

Apply thin coating of glue along the base of the 3d silk eyelashes. As usual you get a little tube of it in the package. I don’t have information about which is the best kind of glue to use , but I am sure that they’re much of a muchness! Blow on fresh eyelashes glue to help it get tacky fast.

Bring the lashes up to your face with much trepidation. No, no, that’s optional! Take the 3d silk eyelashes& press the far edge against the outer corner of your eye. The glue should still be kind of soft, so you can wiggle the lashes around for a while yet. Push the eyelashes down as far as you can — you want them to sit along your natural eyelash line.

Press the rest of the strip down. Remember to wear them as low as you can!

Examine your 3d silk eyelashes obsessively in the mirror; think about how gorrrrgeous you look! Apply a thin coat of mascara & get ready to dazzle!

P.S. If you buy  3d silk eyelashes with good quality, you can re-use them by gently peeling the glue off  and putting them back in the storage container. Cheap false eyelashes will tend to lose shape, so spending more is really worth it.

Simple, hmm? In the picture above I’m wearing some 3d silk eyelashes by Chi Chi which are decorated with little pearls. I am very fond of them. They retail for about $12 in Australia, but I can’t find any information about them online — sorry!

Here are some lovely 3d silk eyelashes that would be proud to make an appearance above your peepers…

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