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You will feel the difference, everyone will see the difference. Human Hair Eyelash Wholesale Ultra Luxe 3D lashes that’ll have everyone asking “Did you get mink extensions Human Hair Eyelash?”

  •  3D Ultra Luxury Lashes
  •  100% Mink, cruelty-free
  •  Cotton band
  •  Easy to apply
  •  Lighter for all-day comfort
  •  No mascara required
  • Healthier Lashes
  •  25 times+ uses with proper care
  •  Beautifully crafted storage box

Human Hair Eyelash Wholesale Mink Lashes Manufacturer Silk Lash

1, remove mink eyelashes, Human Hair Eyelash are glue.

2, fold the cotton pad, while narrow side width, and then cut.

3, will cut the cotton pad soaked eyes.

4, mink eyelashes into the wide half of the film, of course, to stay in the hair slightly outside, not the whole piece of false eyelashes all covered into, remember, otherwise it may take shape.

5, mink eyelashes covered with a narrow piece, as much as possible only root section.

6, gently squeeze the roots with your fingers, so as to infiltrate the roots of liquid as much as possible.

7, curved cotton, you can stop living, so that both pressed firmly, but also to maintain the curvature of the mink eyelashes, on the table just fine.

8,24 hours later, gently opened the cotton piece.

9, gently squeeze the right hand tip, left hand nails a little dig out the root of the glue, it will be very easy to separate.

10, after separation, lashes root clean, leaving two glue in the cotton, get done.

11, back into the box, to be used next time Human Hair Eyelash.

After one month of adherence, the Mink Eyelashes become stronger and have a marked sense of growth and curl. On the basis of their own, the newly increased length can reach about 3 to 4 mm, the overall thickness of the Mink Eyelashes becomes significantly thick, and the lower lashes become very thin Long, in the first few days when the use of the newly emerged thin Mink Eyelashes have become thicker, eye makeup, light brush when only a layer of mascara can be very good beautification effect. The eyebrows have the feeling of thick Ze, the overall eyebrow graceful no messy sense, weekdays and even without the need to re-eyebrow makeup.

Obviously the biggest advantage of this method is to save money, a bottle of 100 tablets of ordinary cod liver oil only three yuan pentagonal, according to the daily consumption of four tablets should be available for a month, while the daily average of the basic negligible Human Hair Eyelash.

our human body Human Hair Eyelash naturally eyelashes will fall off, you also need to spend time after falling out of growth, if you want to immediately effective, we recommend that you buy this site , where the quality of mink eyelashes is the best, wear After you change back on the more beautiful, where the use of a large number of lashes will not be deformed Human Hair Eyelash.

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