Ten days can be effective eyelash speed method Essential

Ten days can be effective eyelash speed method


① a box of vitamin E capsules. Recommended Shanghai Ocean Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. East China Sea Pharmaceutical Factory produced spent 3.5 yuan. VE capsules are similar in composition, remember to go to the pharmacy to buy Oh! In addition, say something careful, to the pharmacy 2 yuan to buy cheap.

② olive oil.


I strongly recommend lip brush, 7 yuan outside the store can buy. Must use a brush, otherwise it will be full of hands full of oil! Best not to use the kind of retractable lip brush is too soft, will be poked into the eyes. Eyelash brush, then not very good, because it is not good to take VE.


① remove a capsule, with a toothpick punctured, and then squeezed a little stick on the lip brush, began to apply eyelashes, be careful, sparse eye corner where you can not miss more!

② the last part of the eyeliner to draw, that is, the roots coated eyelashes, then the liquid left in the plastic capsule more than half, it is used to apply lips, nails and hands, can be.

③ Finally, the olive oil in the same way painted again in the eyelashes.

Special Note

Oh sooner or later. If you insist on a daily basis, and the action in place, usually 10 days will be effective. I wish every beauty of mm have a pair of flashes long eyelashes.

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